Thursday, November 11, 2010

got lots of free time all of a sudden

I haven't drawn in about two months...that is very bad. I'm trying to learn how to draw again. I think I need to completely re-learn caricatures which really sucks :/

I drew some doodles while sitting in a waiting room for seven hours. It was brutal.

I'm still chugging away at my sister's doll! I've added a top hat since she requested one, and added his dead rose. The coffin he'll stand in is almost done too, I just need to find a lamp to light it with.

I'll be going to the CTN Expo in Burbank, CA  next week! I'll be in LA from the 18th to the 22nd, and it'll  be my first time on the west coast and in CA. I'll have cards, phone charms and prints on me so if we magically happen to run into each other my dear internet, you may have free things. I'm excited to get out there and meet everyone, including people from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, BlueSky, Headless Productions, etc. It's gunna be awesome! I will take many photos of all the celebs, and post them here for you to just scroll past!


Raven M. Molisee: said...

Dude, I'm loving that doll... And the doodling..! You always have such cute stuff. Lots of charm to it.

Aisleen said...

thank you sweetie face! I'm glad you like my doodlies, thats all I seem to do anymore! Need to get off my lazy butt. So lazy :/