Friday, January 07, 2011

Another contest

This is a WIP from another contest I'm entering. I'm trying to get better at digital coloring, and I loooove painting faces so it seemed like a good fit. Any crits are welcomed!


Stoney Datkowitz said...

cooooooool stuff

Aisleen said...

Thanks Stoney :)!

Serena said...

I am commenting! Weeeeeeee!!

Looking great so far chingu! Yay glowing ears! So cute <3 From what I can see, watch out for parallels, like his arms; parallel limbs can mess up your angles and flatten out a picture. And keep an eye on the tendon in his neck and his collar bones. His face looks so naturalistic that the tendon and collar bone look too flat and chiseled by comparison.

Yay for posting a lot! :DDD

Aisleen said...

Awesome chingu! Thanks so much :) I will fix those straights right away. Its actually a lady! Apparently a very manly lady :3 Im posting again!!