Monday, January 17, 2011


Just a sketch to bulk up my environment skills!

And these are designs for a personal project I'm working on with two awesome dudes.


Cory Lewis said...

I'm in love with this painting. Go check out some prince of egypt desert paintings. The texture quality in the middle section of this painting reminds me of those paintings. I really really like this one. Please talk a bit on your textures in this piece cause I would love to listen.

Serena said...

i second Cory! the colors in the environment painting are exquisite *_* chingu should post a series of process shots for her next painting! ddoooooo iiittttt i mean you have the time. c'man. C'MAN~

go chingu go! :D

Ted Terranova said...

Yeah awesome painting. Love the colors. It reads so well. And I love the dudes especially the guy on the right.

Aisleen said...

Wow thanks you guys! That means a lot :) Since i painted this one I've been trying to work on a second one to show my process but I think this one might have been a fluke; Im have trouble repeating how easy that one was!

And Ted, awesome! Thats the guy we are going with I think too :)