Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Old Job

I try not to talk about work in 'public.' It's not usually a good idea, almost kind of rude; best to keep those things to myself. But I just wanted to say, I really freaking miss the crew I used to work with. I think that speaks for a work place when I can honestly say I miss being in that fume filled building given the conditions we had. It's really a shame such an awesome group of people got broken up like we did, because if we were given a healthy environment full of encouragement and support we would have really been something great. I just wanted to get that off my chest and give a shout out to all the DE people saying I miss you! And hope where you're working now is worthy of you! And if you're not working yet, don't worry. You've been through war and you've only come out stronger for it! Love you guys, you're all like family. Hugs all around!

 And for those of you who didn't work with me, here are some things I've never posted. A lot of our projects got canceled, and towards the end our best game got squashed. I've never been more proud of something I've worked on from scratch, and not been more proud of a crew of co-workers and friends!

Here are concepts for Summer Camp, my most favorite Wii game to concept for.


These were cut scenes for the game; they would scroll on screen.


Heres our Logo/Loading icon

Some assets :

These were the individual textures I painted for each character. We had 19 in total and 44 images for each character (eyes and mouth separate) so that makes 836 little paintings I had to do. It took me weeeeeeks! But the end result was worth it, the animators were able to use the individual textures to animate the characters talking. Neat! I made them into gifs while I worked on them to check out how smoothly they ran together, but it made for funny gifs too...

This is the cover to a canceled golf game. Click it for SUUUUPER DETAIL

Characters for a canceled pirate tower defense game

 These are concepts for a canceled tower defense game

Thats enough lol. This is just a small bit of what I worked on for 3 1/2 years that never saw the light of day. THE END.


Alex said...

Fantastic post, and you said it perfectly. You're not alone in missing DE, and everyone we used to work with. No matter where we all end up, there's always gonna be something special about that place. Every one of us deserves to work at a place like what we wanted to shape DE into.

I loved so much about Summer Camp. It's a shame that it never made it out, but I'm glad some of this stuff is getting more eyes on it :)

Aisleen said...

Thanks Alex!! I know, we all miss each other haha its really a shame. Im happy some of us got great jobs :) I'm actually sad I wont be coming back to NJ for the holidays, I wont be able to see everyone! Sadness.

And thanks again! I really loved Summer Camp, I wish it could have come out....such an awesome look.

Yin said...

Summer Caaaaaamp. <3333333

I'll be in San Francisco in December. LET'S MEET UP AGAIN. :D