Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 25, 26, 27, 28, 29...

I have fallen SO FAR BEHIND. I decided to not color these today, to just draw as many as I could. Phew!

Day 25: Scenery 

 I was stuck on this scenery one because I do not do them often. So then I thought of food as I usually do, and drew a food scene!

Day 26: Something you hate: Ratatouille

Ok so....let me explain. The movie is gorgeous. I own it actually, and I watch it now and then. But the story is what I hate. I could write an essay on it, and actually my friend Raven and I picked it apart and dissected it and if Remy just DIDN'T talk I would like that movie.

Day 27: Someone you love: Chris Meyer!

I love him to death. I like Saturday mornings when I watch him play video games.

Day 28 : Anything you'd like: Bird girl

I started drawing on the train home from work again, and these are some sketches.

Day 29: Someplace you'd like to go: FUCK THIS, A DEER HEAD

So glad this is over :)

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Kim Herbst said...

haha I like the Ratatouille part :) I always hated that all those chefs, which they took time to develop their characters, everything..walk out and NEVER come back into the film. I mean... WHY.