Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drive-by Post!

Many thanks to Scott Underwood, for reminding me that I STILL have yet to get that pitch bible together! I hope you accept my apology and excuse of 'I've been really stressed out with Real Life stuff.' I'm actually kinda working on it. Sort of. Im the free time I'm not working on freelance.....why can't I do whatever I want 24/7?

Heres a drawing I drew for two sweetie friends of mine for their first wedding anniversary :)

Natalie and Michael as Sugar Rush characters! This was really fun to draw AND was my first go at an all-Copic drawing.

And this was my version of what I'd look like in Sugar Rush. Angry, tired, and with droopy-ass boobies.

I hope I update more because I really miss drawing! AND I hope to add a bunch more things to my Etsy store. Which is here!!! :: SpooyPress Etsy Store   feel free to buy things because its all  made with  love :3

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Scott Underwood said...

oh, you are welcome...