Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sketchbook update

Just a quick charcoal doodle from my sketchbook, and a sketch for the children's book Im currently working on. When thats over with, hopefully I can focus back on my character work! Sam and Doden really want to be drawn.


Francis Vallejo said...

Congrats on the job at the video game company!! You'll do great. Thanks for the words on my blog! The moleskines are great right? I'd like to see you experiment with the colored lines like the piece below this, I really dig that. It's kind of funny because I did some caricatures today and used multi-colored lines. Your work was probably in the back of my head!
take care,

Kim Herbst said...

Oi! Neat charcoal. Looks good and puts the sketches I did at the zoo (oh those poor, poor elephants... and guinea pigs on stilts) to shame. I hope your car's feeling better!