Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Man, there is SO MUCH about making art I didn't learn in college. SO MUCH. Its like I'm only starting to learn how to draw now that I've graduated. Its a great feeling, if not a little depressing. I didn't expect to leave school knowing the WORLD, but I also didn't expect to basically have to re-learn everything I ever knew. Its pretty awesome, and I love it more than CAKE. If you can believe that.

I draw so much at work I don't have time to draw at home! Thats a lie, Im actually just lazy. But I'm hoping to have some new stuff up, and I might make some things for a local gallery holiday sale. So. You know that'll be

Also, I learned to turn on email alerts! So I can see when people comment here. As I've been missing them for months. Oops....sorry Kim, Frances, and Karim!


Kim Herbst said...

You WHORE. How dare you not have your alerts on!
Nah I kid. Yeah, I'm branching out in too many directions for my own good. Getting into Flash and Painter and then doing graphite drawings all over again..Craaaazzyyyy. The new stuff looks good!

Aisleen said...

Hahaha I am a whore. I am SO forgetful and absent minded lately....its so annoying.

Thanks! I'll add you as a link :D