Saturday, January 26, 2008

Summer Sports - Paradise Island

(these screenshots are horrible and might be outdated...)

Summer Sports Paradise Island, the game Digital Embryo made completely from scratch, engine and all, comes out in March 2008 (apparently). The publisher just recently announced it, maybe a week ago or something, and as far as I know has failed to give our company any credit.

Anyway I hope its well recieved! We're such a little company, its weird to me to see our stuff online. You can see some clips here. I designed the characters as well as drew the cover and Darrin Pepe did an amazing job painting them. If you pick it up let us know what you think! Im sure the guys who worked many weeks of 14 hour days would appreciate it.


Kim Herbst said...

OOoooooo spiffy! Yeah, isn't it exciting when projects you've worked on come together?? Looks good so far!
Our company is apparently coming out with an Avatar Airbender game, and a facebook application(that one looks horrendous). Congrats on the game!

Aisleen said...

It is exciting! It seems like I just drew them and now theyre all running around playing games. And all the congratulations should go to the programmers, I didnt do much to deserve any haha.

Sweet! I bet Serena would love that, shes a big Avatar fan! Hows the new job going?