Monday, February 18, 2008

Im actually working!

Sketches! And some stuff for my joint blog with Serena Henderson, Weekly Jam Session . Im trying to focus my free time on personal work. Its been a while since I haven't had commisions or other things going on, so its great to have free time to draw whatever I want. Im working on a mermaid illustration that I'll post sketches of...if I ever do it.


karim Qabrawi said...

Ummm First of all thank you that you visit my Blog....

Plus I am sorry that i wasn't active for a while but

i was really busy you know Working all the time

I saw your new Work and i like it actually it's Awesome

so it is good to see your puplices,Keep in Touch

keep going with your fineArt!

Aisleen said...

thanks Karim!

Don't worry about it, Im the same way. I understand when it comes to work!

And Im glad you like my new stuff, it means a lot! I'll do my best to keep posting~