Sunday, April 06, 2008


Heres the illustration that got into Eye Candy. I got my books yesterday, and not only are they HUGE, but they're gorgeous and packed full of amazing people. Steven Gordon, Kei Acedera, Bill Presing, Jose Luis Agreda, and Andrew Wilson are in there so you KNOW its gotta be gorgeous work. Thanks so much to Alberto for making it happen! Go out and buy a copy, you'll be happy to bring 'em home.

I've been going through both books this weekend and got inspiried to draw some ladies. But then 'some' turned into 'one' and then I colored it.

The end!


Adameth said...

Hi Aisleen ! I really really love your drawings and character designs!
Actually i just got in an animation school and i'm starting to invent characters, and i know it aint easy to make such good work! Keep it up! ;)
Oh by the way, the blue pencil you use to sketch... is it a special pencil or something? or just a normal blue colour pencil. Thanks!!

Aisleen said...

Hey Adameth! Thanks so much for commenting, glad you like my work.

The blue pencil is just a prismacolor colored pencil called 'true blue.' BUT Im trying to get out of using it. It gets dark too quickly. Try using a 'col-erase' blue pencil, its used in the industry and is easy to erase.

Its great ot hear you're in an animation school, good luck everything!

Francis Vallejo said...

congrats!! i hope to get my hands on a copy!

Kim Herbst said...

GAAAH I need to get my hands on this. Congrats on getting in!!! That's too awesome! :D

Aisleen said...

Thanks Francis and Kim! I hope you do get to grab a book, they're really pretty awesome. Kim, I know Alberto Ruiz is going to have copies at NYCC so look for em!

Shing said...

Hi Aisleen! Shing here! How have you been, haven heard from you for a long time since er........

Yap, write to me soon k?

I am glad that you sent me a postcard of that illustration of your's that is published in the Eye Candy book.


Aisleen said...

Hi Shing!

I know, I'm sorry I haven't written you in a long time :( I've got a horrible work ethic! I'm super glad you stopped by the blog though, and its great to hear from you! I changed addresses, so I'll try to send you out a postcard soon. Thanks again!