Friday, April 04, 2008

Eye Candy From Strangers

Alberto Ruiz held a competition a while back, to be included in the book Eye Candy From Strangers. The prize was getting in (and getting a free copy...but getting in is really the BEST prize ever). And well...I got in! I have to say Alberto is a true sweetheart and very, very dedicated to the field. He loves what he does, loves art, loves the ladies, and really came through in helping out the lesser known artists with these books. He got so many submissions hes made 2 (maybe a 3rd on the way?), and they're really gorgeous. What surprised me the most was when I submitted stuff to be considered for the book, I was tired and didn't read the directions carefully (Im so dumb), so I had no idea it was for drawings of LADIES only. I think I sent him like....animals. And concept art of kitchens. But he spent his time going to my website and picking something out over just ignoring my entry completely. I'm really super honored to be in this book. It's the best feeling to be noticed by a fellow artist and paired with other people who share your interests. Theres SO much talent I'm pretty floored to have gotten in. So thank you to Alberto Ruiz! Its the biggest honor I've yet to get.

You can see the link to preview AND purchase here. My books come tomorrow but I was too excited to wait. I'll post pictures when its in my greedy little hands!

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