Wednesday, July 02, 2008

3B pencil

I swear, anyone who knew me in college and before knows I never used to draw girls. And I always say I don't, then every post on here is a girl or something girly. Its weird. I always seem to draw them now!

So here are some more with a few boys thrown in, just doodles this time. It was great to draw without a blue underline again, but they're pretty messy.

Also, Im ready for it to be fall now. I love the summer, but only when I have air conditioning.


Celia said...

Hey! Great stuff!

Aisleen said...

Thanks! Im glad you like it!

Kim Herbst said...

oooo so many girls! It's true. You're all about drawing lil boys doing... uh.. things. They look great though! Congrats on moving! It's always exciting to have your own space, even with noisy neighbors (seriously. him and his g/f upstairs are at it like...GUH. IS THAT THE 5TH TIME TODAY?!!)

Aisleen said...

I know right? Haha all about the little boys. Doing happy Playing baseball. Right Kim? Baseball.

Aw man! Im sorry, it sucks to have bad neighbors :( It kinda ruins the fun of it. Well I hope they break up soon so you get some peace!