Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I did these a while ago, with eeeeevery intention of uploading them to my website. Welp, that never happened, as usual. So I figured I'd at least post them here if not there!

The second one was a study for the first one somehow. Neither came out how I pictured them but they were a lot of fun to do.


Eric Orchard said...

This is beautiful.
And it really shows a remarkable range.

Aisleen said...

Thanks so much Eric! I wasn't sure if I should even post them together, but I guess its good to show both.

I really really love your character designs, thanks again for stopping by!

Kim Herbst said...

Guuuh awesome paintings! I definitely think you've improved tons since ye olde college days. Keep postiiiing!

Aisleen said...

Aw thanks Kim! Funny, I posted like. 5 minutes after you commented haha. I hope I'm improving, thats really encouraging to hear :)

rigodiaz said...

I really like this one , great job keep it up

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Great work!