Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to Ireland for ten days at the start of September! It was my first time on a plane and first time overseas, and sort of my first 'actual' vacation. I got sick during the 3rd day after spending 2 hours in the freezing pouring rain with a broken umbrella and no raincoat over at Newgrange. So the rest of the trip kind of flew by. Not to mention being in a car for 6 hours a day when youre nausous is a pretty horrible thing to have to sit through. But! I did get to sleep in a castle, and from what I can remember from that night (sick the worst then), the place was cool.

This is the outside, the inside picture I got was blurry which is a shame because it looked like the Shining.

The Cliffs of Moher, when me and my mom were BOTH sick, trying not to get blown off and trying to actually care about what it was we were seeing.

Galway was by far my favorite place, but that could be because we were there before I got sick. The water was so blue! And freezing, and people were swimming in it. It was such nice weather too, unlike the rest of the trip. We should have spent our 10 days there, so next time we know. Fishing villages are where its at.

The Ring of Kerry was gorgeous and full of nausea. Those TURNS are INSANE and everyone driving on them is insane. But the water is pretty and there are dolphins there, apparently. I didn't see any...so it coooould be a clever rouse to get me to roll down a cliff and see whats in the water.

Haha Dingle!

By the time me and my mom got to Blarney, we were tired and cranky and annoyed. But...it was worth it. Once we were back in the car.

It was good times though, besides the horrible plane ride there, and the horrible car ride home.

I came home to a broken laptop that I cant seem to fix, so Im updating from work. Probably wont update much until its fixed, which will hopefully be soon. Life is awfully boring without a computer. Also, my email is virtually useless because it got hacked into. So if you've emailed me, sorry, I doubt I got it!


Sorrentino said...

wow these are beautiful pics! looks like fun! I love your EEECH entry too! Great line work!

Aisleen said...

Thanks so much Sorrentino :) Im working on my lines, so glad you like em!

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Watching your post i think it is a fantastic place. Great journey

Aisleen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Arthur! And thanks also for watching the blog, really glad you like my stuff.

Kim Herbst said...

YAAAAAAY you went to Ireland!! Sorry for the sickness, but at least you survived and got some ridiculously awesome pictures. Very very cool. ...and yeah, my laptop basically died a few days ago too, so I had to get a new computer. Isn't insane how all progress seems to stop when that happens?!

Aisleen said...

Thanks Kim! Yeah Ireland was a lot of fun, even with being sick.

Ugh damn computers. They need to just last forever and ever! I need to buy one too but I'm stubbornly holding out...And its true, you sort of wander around aimlessly, wondering what the hell you're going to do with your free time instead of actually doing anything