Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was going to draw this funny thing that happened to me, that I only kinda found funny when I was re-telling it. Its about ants. I got home late one night this week only to find my cat had barfed on a throw rug, which normally isn't a big deal cuz he barfs a LOT, but I was feeling really sick and I was exhausted so I took my time going to clean it up. Then I realized the barf was moving because it was full of ANTS. I went outside to shake the rug off over my balcony, and I realized the entire under-side was ALSO covered in ants. I ran to throw it in the dumpster, ran back to my apartment and threw my shirt into the tub because I was sure it was also crawling in ants. Then there was a giant beetle in the bathroom (or something I don't know, it had pinchers!), so I scream/sobbed/stomped it dead, and went into my room to clean up the ants that I could. I was so sick and sleepy and I just couldn't deal with it so I did the only logical thing I could do. I grabbed the garbage, called and asked my boyfriend if I could hide at his house for the night and I left. On my way to my car as I was tossing the garbage bag into the dumpster I missed and the open bag full of cat barf and dead ants fell and hit me in the face.

It was a lot less funny when I got home last night, thinking they were all dead, only to find out these ants BITE and they discovered my mattress! And when I went to bake a cake this morning, the ants were all like "Screw you we're having a fucking party in this bowl!" and I saw the entire under cabinet of my kitchen was crawling with them.

Its not funny any more, but I bet I'll laugh at this in a few years.

-Thanks ants. Thants.

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