Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Two days ago I was looking at GoodBrush (thank you Cory!) and at his sketches, and it made me want to work on my color and lighting which are both really weak. So I made a brush in PS and got to painting! I'm trying to do little doodles each day in my free time and to reaaally start pushing realistic colors. I stink at those. And also I really really love this brush.

These took about half an hour (I love painting trees):

These I did with photo reference, each took about an hour with 15 minutes not looking at the ref. for fixing (I love painting faces):

So...yeah. I see why digital coloring can be fun!

And heres my last Weekly Jam Session piece, cuz I missed this weeks jam...cuz I was too busy painting in PS...

 More cartoony stuff at some point I hope.


Cory Lewis said...

Hook me up with this brush, is it magic cause it sure as hell looks like it. I love the portrait of the girl with the candle.

Aisleen said...

Ah you reminded me, I meant to upload this brush anyways. Here it is: pencil brush. It is a LOT of fun, pressure sensitivity and all. Enjoy it! And thanks Cory, its actually a pic of my 7 year old nephew...but hes got a wig on (it was my wig from Halloween), so I don't blame you for thinking it was a girl lol! Hes a cutie

Kim Herbst said...

Hooray for digital coloring!! these look amazing!