Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We made it to San Francisco! After 6 days in a U-Haul with my boyfriend and cat, we're now spending our days and nights in a hotel until we move into our apartment this weekend. I can't wait to be done moving from NJ to CA! It'll be such a nice relief. One major downside is that the commute to work is much worse than we thought when we chose our apartment. D'oh!

Anyway, I have two interviews up! One is on Girls Drawin' Girls and the other is in Chinese on LeewiArt. I wish there was an English version, but they translated it and I don't see the original anywhere! Ah well. Hope you like them!

So far I'm really enjoying my job at Zynga. The work is enjoyable and everyone there is so sweet! Its just as fast paced as Digital Embryo so luckily I'm set up for the pace of the studio. I'll try to post some work I did once its up online and I get an OK from my AD!

I'm still without all my art supplies, so no art for another week or so. Raspberries!

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