Saturday, June 04, 2011

I haven't posted art in months and all I got are these lousy sketches

My cintiq is on its way to my house! So hopefully...once I get it I'll post more digital stuff. I really prefer traditional over digital, but I should keep up both skills while Im at home. So I need to stop being lazy and now I wont have an excuse with a cintiq at my desk!

Anyways. I haven't drawn in ages so I'm really really rusty. These are my sketches from the train I take to work every day:

I have a bad habit of turning the book upside down cuz Im a lefty and its easier to draw on a surface :/

Random Livewire!

Over at the Girls Drawin Girls blog, the new theme is Rainbow Brite. So I did some quick designs and Im hoping I get unlazy enough to do an illustration for it.

Im thinking of putting stuff up for sale. Maybe I will make some nice originals in frames or something :)

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