Monday, June 06, 2011

My heart is sinking into a sea of sadness!

I just wanted to say, I really freaking miss the crew I used to work with. I think that speaks for a work place when I can honestly say I miss every single person I use to work with. It's really a shame such an awesome group of people got broken up like we did, because if we were given a healthy environment full of encouragement and support we would have really been something great. I just wanted to get that off my chest and give a shout out to all the DE people saying I miss you! And hope where you're working now is worthy of you! And if you're not working yet, don't worry. You've been through war and you've only come out stronger for it! Love you guys. Hugs all around!

To celebrate this.......

NEW CINTIQ, I doodled something that I hope makes you smile. I wanted to actually finish what I wasn't allowed to before. So I'll try to track you down and give you all your little caricatures :) Gotta get my skills back!

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